Lhasa-Ngari-Mt Everest-Kathmandu (motorbiking) 21 days

    Driving straight to the western frontier of Tibet, then meeting world's highest peak, this is a true adventurer's dream, only for those with courage and skills.

    Day 01: Arrive in Lhasa.

    Altitude: 3,658m

    Get transferred to Lhasa city and acclimatize. Overnight in Lhasa

    Day 02: Lhasa sightseeing.

    Visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhore Streets. Overnight in Lhasa

    Day 03: Lhasa sightseeing.

    Motorbike tour in Lhasa, warm up and prepare for the long ride. Overnight in Lhasa

    Day 04: Lhasa-Yamdroktso-Gyantse.

    Altitude: 3,658m-4,880m-3,950m

    Est. Distance: 252km

    Road Conditions: mostly tar road, winding mountain road to Yamdroktso.

    En route visit the holy lake Yamdroktso. Overnight in Gyantse

    Day 05: Gyantse-Shigatse.

    Altitude: 3,950-3,900m

    Est. Distance: 98km

    Road Conditions: mostly tar road

    Visit Gyantse's Kumbum, then drive to Shigatse and visit Tashilunpo Monastery. Overnight in Shigatse

    Day 06: Shigatse-Lhatse.

    Altitude: 3,800-4,050m

    Est. Distance: 160km

    Road Conditions: bumpy gravel road

    Day 07: Lhatse-Saga.

    Altitude: 4,050m-4,600m

    Est. Distance: 300km

    Road Conditions: bumpy gravel road

    Day 08: Saga-Paryang.

    Altitude: 4,600m-4,750m

    Est. Distance: 255km

    Road Conditions: bumpy broken road

    Day 09: Paryang-Darchen.

    Altitude: 4,750m-4,500m

    Est. Distance: 263km

    Road Conditions: bumpy broken road

    Day 10-11: Mt Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.

    Day 12: Mt Kailash- Thsada.

    Altitude: 4,560m-3,650m

    Est. Distance: 350km

    Road Conditions: bumpy broken road

    Day 13: Thsada.

    Visit the Ruins of Guge Kingdom.

    Day 14: Thsada-Mt Kailash.

    Day 15: Mt Kailash-Darchen

    Day 16: Darchen-Paryang.

    Day 17: Paryang-Saga

    Day 18: Saga-Lhatse.

    Day 19: Lhatse-Everest Base Camp.

    Altitude: 4,560m-5,200m

    Est. Distance: 200km

    Road Conditions: bumpy mountain road

    Day 20: Everest Base Camp-Zhangmu.

    Altitude: 4,390m-2,300m

    Est. Distance: 240km

    Road Conditions: bumpy mountain road

    Day 21: Zhangmu-Kodari-Kathmandu.

    Altitude: 2,300m-1,300m

    Est. Distance: 250km

    Road Conditions: bumpy mountain road

    Leave China's border town of Zhangmu, get picked up at Nepal's border town Kodari, drive to Kathmandu. End of the tour.

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